WRM Wholesale Process

Wholesaling your boat to Wye River Marine

Our goal is to give you a fair wholesale price and pay you for your boat quickly. As wholesalers, we are buying your boat for the purpose of reselling it to a retail or wholesale buyer. We obviously need to make a profit as well as deliver a safe, properly functioning, quality boat to a happy customer. We hope that every customer we deal with, both sellers and buyers, are satisfied with the transaction.

Things to remember prior to inspection

  • Please make sure your motor will start and the batteries are charged.  If you can’t do this, please let us know.
  • Please make sure that the trailer brakes and lights work properly.  We also need to know that the wheel bearings are in working order and have been greased.
  • Check to see that your trailer’s VIN plate is clearly legible.  Most states will not perform an inspection without it.  Please let us know if it is not.
  • Remember to provide a full Coast Guard package with your boat.
Also remember the following items:
  • Electronics  and manuals
  • Canvas
  • Cushions
  • Keys

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